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"I call it kitchen dancing where you are spontaneous and unselfconscious, because it's not about being good enough. You can't be bad. You're just working on the balance between your personal spirit and moving with the group." Nancy Demuth dance experience based upon Kripalu DansKinetics integrated with physical therapy.
Maren Falck

"I'd never done a dance class in my life, but the spirit that exists there is very freeing. It's very personal and it's a lot of fun."
Jan Norcross

"Personally, I love dancing! This class motivates me with dancing and exercising that is FUN, easy, and exciting! Nancy DeMuth is a skilled dancer with many additional, exceptional talents which she weaves into the leadership of the group. One is her extensive knowledge of the body and movement. With varied levels of complexity, I have learned how to dance in ways that help prevent injury.

I also love the diverse music played during class, and the positive, uplifting spirit of my fellow dancers. I just LOVE this class! Shake Your Soul DansKinetics;® Class is a highlight of my week!"
Beth German

"Nancy's DansKinetics® class is my dream come true! Even with a mild disability (some weakness in my right leg), I can do everything in the class and really enjoy it. I feel unconditional acceptance from Nancy and the other members of the class. Whatever I am moved to do, I do. Nancy is extremely adaptive and flexible, seeming to understand the mood and energy of the group. I never know
what to expect in the aerobic, creative part of the class. It is always different, with wonderful music of all kinds. Sometimes we are like children in our joy and playfulness. Nancy brings to the class her spirituality, and her deep caring for others and the world. This comes through in the music and dances she chooses, and helps to strengthen our connections to each other. Nancy is a very special person with very special gifts. She has affected us all deeply by supporting us in expressing ourselves through movement. When I leave DansKinetics® class, I feel calmer and more joyful."
Susan Milliken-Rogers

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