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Dance your soul
Feel your inner spirit
Allow yourself to be free
Move to the rhythms of the music and of your being

Nancy DeMuth has developed a dance experience based upon Kripalu DansKinetics® and Shake Your Soul integrated with her own training in dance (jazz, modern, Latin, and African) and her profession of physical therapy. Classes emphasize the awareness of body sensation, and the expression of feelings and spirit. This program rises from the heart and builds a connection between the dancers.

Nancy's classes combine practices from yoga, tai chi, and modern and creative dance. In her classes students begin by stretching and engaging in slow movements. Following Nancy's lead and taking the lead themselves, the pace and fervor builds to music with an international flavor, including African and Latin rhythms, sometimes using such props as scarves and tambourines.

Nancy Demuth Shake Your Soul Kripalu DanseKinetics
Nancy DeMuth
Certified Kripalu DansKinetics®
Shake Your Soul Instructor
Physical Therapist

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